Global Soccer Solutions | About Us
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About Us

To elevate the game of soccer at every level, by providing game innovations to revolutionize professional, and amateur play, player and team development, and global opportunities for players at the amateur, collegiate and professional levels.

The organization Creates and implement concepts to improve all aspects of the game of soccer and player development;  Directly and via partnerships, provide world class youth and player development, tournaments, camps, clinics and player and team training sessions;  By itself and with its partners, provide community based program services such as violence prevention, life-skills, drug and alcohol resistance training, academic and homework tutorial, food/water services, medical care, dental care and other such services which ready youth for optimal success.

Service Synopsis:

  • To contribute to the edification, matriculation and socioeconomic enrichment of youth, Global Soccer Solutions under the direction of its Managing Director, has created and implement familial, communal, provincial and national systems, which at their base, often include activities for which youth will self-recruit, such as martial arts, football and a myriad of technology programs.
  • The contributory systemic services to families, communities, provincial and national regions which vicariously benefit the youth, are usually linked by smart technology and innovations delivered by partnering corporations such as Social Media Gateway (S.M.G.), and are operated and known under various project specific names.

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Service Delivery:

  • Partnering corporations participate at the behest of the Managing Director, to deliver services which catapults the using parties and regions towards individual, communal, State, national and global success and the forefront of the technological world.


  • Global Soccer Solutions develops and nurtures relationships in Las Vegas, across America, and worldwide, and uses these relationships to create mutually beneficial partnerships to change lives and generate income for all participants.

Mission – Capabilities:

The production capabilities & history of entities which partnered with Global Soccer Solutions and Managing Director Patrick Lawrence, include but are not limited to the following:

  • Create Applications (Apps) which can be used to educate, develop, operate, and render more efficient all levels of needed individual services
  • Designed and Created Apps to greatly enhance the operation of State and federally provided services.
  • Designed & build many of the 5-star hotels on the Las Vegas Strip & around the world
  • Designed & build world-class malls, stores, restaurant, bar, theaters, nightclubs, spas, stadiums, arenas, concert halls, water features, water parks, parks, amusement parks, 5-star swimming pool complexes and a variety of retail facilities
  • Create power grids regardless of desired power type to sustain homes, business districts, communities, States and regions
  • Designed and create lighting and lighting features to showcase any type of venue, business or tourist area
  • Expose & provide youth for matriculation in American colleges and universities
  • Designs and implements national football systems to revolutionize national production of top quality footballers and propel serviced nations to the front line of world football
  • Take youth footballers for trials with professional clubs, around the world
  • Provide football camps and clinics, internationally, with current and former professional players and coaches with numerous years of experience and licenses
  • Certify coaches in the Brazilian football methodology, at all levels
  • Provide national team management and coaching services
  • Operate international youth football tournaments from which youth players and team members are scouted and matriculated into American colleges and universities
  • Operate amateur adult football tournaments to promote competition and goodwill
  • Create driveways and roadways, and custom entrances to venues and attractions
  • Train law enforcement to perform and comply with at the highest level
  • Create and implement sustainable social services programs
  • Establish food and water service programs, Daycares and orphanages in rural areas and underserved communities
  • Provide community, State and national services which promote and elevate supporting political and corporate bodies.